Our Mission

Gazebo Joe’s is committed to making quality products last a lifetime. As a family-owned business, we take pride in our products which are all made in the USA. We appreciate your consideration to partner with us for your next outdoor furniture purchase.

Our Story

Joe started his woodworking business in Smithfield Rhode Island on a dairy farm in the early 1980’s. Current location of Fidelity Investments. A dairy farm needs many hands to run smoothly. It was Joe’s role to do the repairing, the fixing of the buildings, and take care of the equipment that the animals would wear out. Livestock gates and milking room doors were always in need of attention with one hundred forty Holestein milking cows entering and exiting daily. Joe loved his role because the tools in the shop were like giant kids toys that actually worked. One day Joe was in his shop fixing a work room chair with some materials that he had stored out back for barn repairs. A visitor showing his children the milking cows asked, “Can you build me a chair like yours?”. Joe said, “No problem!” And eventually by word of mouth people began to purchase Joe’s chairs and asked him to build other types of furniture. He began making tables to compliment the chairs and started a complete line of outdoor products.

Decotis Farm circa 1976
Gazebo Joe's was originally named Thomas Furniture.

meet the team

Joe DeCotis

Joe founded Gazebo Joe’s® in 1984. The first storefront was located in Smithfield Rhode Island.  He has a Bachelors in Business Management from Bryant University.

Austin DeCotis

Austin, obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Civil & Environmental Engineering. He created the e-commerce website Gazebo Joe’s® back in 2012.