Gazebo Joe’s® Limited Warranty 

Gazebo Joe’s warranties that our structures and furniture are free of structural damage and/or material defects for 20 years (except as specified below) as owned by the original purchaser from date of purchase. The Limited Warranty is non-transferable. This warranty applies to Gazebo Joe’s products under normal use, defined as residential or private occupancy, and is subject to the conditions and limitations herein listed.

Gazebo Joe’s liability under this warranty shall be limited to the replacement of the non-conforming goods or parts, at the discretion of Gazebo Joe’s. Claimants may receive replacement part(s) of any material determined to be defective. Replacement parts may be subjective to shipping charges.  

Hardware used in production or assembly of Gazebo Joe’s furniture is warranted to not break for five (5) years of residential use. 

Proper maintenance and preservation of the product is required to support this warranty. Negligence or improper maintenance is cause for refusal of claim and nullification of this warranty.


This warranty covers only those manufacturing and material defects specified herein and does not include defects attributable to improper installation, abnormal use, improper/negligent maintenance, normal wear and tear effects, normal weathering and “checking” of wood. This warranty does not cover defects caused by accident, fire, flood, corrosive atmospheres, environmental conditions (such as mildew, mold, ect.),  vandalism, riot or civil disorder, ground settlement, destruction by human or animal, stresses resulting from localized heat, or other occurrences beyond normal control.

Harmful solvents that are used to clean the structure or are applied to components. No outside material or aftermarket products applied to the structure will be covered under this warranty.

Abnormal use of products.

Post-delivery labor, transportation or assembly costs.

Gazebo Joe’s shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages which may result from actions in breach of this warranty.