Gazebo, Pavilion, & Pergola Options

The size you choose should be relative to the space you have, or make available for the structure. Measure the area you would like to have the structure in for size accuracy. Determine how many people you would like to accommodate. For example, a 12 foot octagon sits up to 8 people comfortably. Our most common residential sizes are a 12 foot octagon, 10 x 14 foot rectangle, 12 x 16 foot rectangle, and a 12 x 18 foot oval gazebo. 

At Gazebo Joe’s we can create any size structure to meet your outdoor dreams. Please contact us directly to get started!

Kiln dried pressure treated pine creates a beautiful and durable structure to last a lifetime. Our structures are constructed with #1 kiln dried southern yellow pine for maximum strength and durability. This process prevents the chance of wood shrinking and twisting. All lumber is milled on four sides creating a smooth subtle finish. To protect the wood from the outdoor elements, we recommend purchasing your structure painted or stained. 

Cedar structures are made with architectural grade western red cedar. Cedar is known for its natural beauty and resistance to decay. Depending on your preference, red cedar can be kept in its natural state which turns light gray over time. It can also be stained or painted. Create a beautiful, durable, cedar gazebo, pavilion, or pergola to last a lifetime.

Our vinyl products offer the strength and beauty of traditional wood, but are virtually maintenance-free. There is no need to spend time painting or staining; as the colored vinyl material will not fade, crack, rot, or peel. Vinyl is encased around southern yellow pine wood. Create a classically beautiful vinyl gazebo, pavilion, or pergola to last a lifetime.

Vertical four-track 3-season windows that adjust in seconds. Open the 10-mil thick vinyl window to let in a breeze or close them to avoid the outdoor elements and shade from the sun. When the windows are open you have 75% screen. Vinyl windows are lighter than glass, making them easy to maneuver or remove if needed.

Standard entrance height is 78″.

The electrical package includes a 3-prong receptacle with a waterproof cover, an all season on/off switch, and 12-gauge electrical wire. The wiring is recessed into the inside of the post and capped with a 1×3 matching slat to hide the wire. The receptacle, switch, and wiring are pre-mounted to the slat, which is connected to one of the posts. Wiring can extend beyond the top of the slat to the peak of the gazebo for mounting of lights or a ceiling fan. We recommend using a qualified electrician for proper electrical connections.


Foundation options for structures can include crushed stone, patio stones, concrete footings, or a concrete slab. Please refer to our Site Prep page for more information.

Typically, concrete pads should extend 4-6 inches in diameter past the structure in all directions. The thickness should be a minimum of 4 inches with a concrete rating of 3500 PSI. 

Permits depend on your local town code and the size of your structure. Usually smaller gazebos, pavilions, or pergolas do not require a permit under a certain square footage. Your local codes can be found online or from your local municipality. Some jurisdictions may require property line setbacks for the structure. We can provide structural drawings to accommodate for your local requirements.     

We can provide dimensional drawings to accommodate your local code requirements. They include dimensions such as the height width and roof slope of the structure. Most of the time this is all the permit jurisdiction needs to approve the structure. If additional information is needed, we can also supply stamped engineered structural drawings.

Our structures are constructed from either pressure treated wood, maintenance-free vinyl or red cedar. Our unique engineered base allows use of full length 2 x 6 joists for greater floor stability and minimum site preparation. Structures are engineer reviewed and manufactured to meet and exceed IBC codes, which require all buildings to withstand 30 lb. per ft. snow load, 40 lb. per sq. ft. floor load, and 115 MPH winds (with proper anchoring). 


Stamped engineered structure drawings can be provided to accommodate your local building code. They can include snow and wind loads of the structure. In order to provide foundation engineered drawings, additional information about the foundation will have to be provided.

Engineered drawings can add approximately 3-4 weeks to the lead times.  

The hurricane package option is a possible upgrade if you would like to exceed your local code requirements. It includes reinforced braces, brackets, tie-downs and the appropriate anchoring kit. With this package the structure can handle up to wind loads of 140 MPH. This added option will require you to purchase our stamped engineered drawings.


As soon as your order is placed, we start processing your product. Gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas are usually shipped between 4-8 weeks. Items are shipped via a trucking agency.

Engineered drawings may extend the lead time 3-4 weeks. 

 Kits are dropped off curbside (or driveway) delivery. They come crated and wrapped in heavy duty boat vinyl to keep your structure secured and protected. Most structures ship on a flat bed hydraulic trailer to allow for an easy delivery. The driver may unload the kit from the trailer and maneuver it onto the desired location of the driveway with a forklift. Placement of gazebo will be at the discretion of the driver. 


Structures larger than 12 feet are not permitted on most roadways. Structures that are under 12 feet wide can be shipped fully assembled depending on location. These structures must be purchased with the floor package to allow proper shipment. Please contact us directly for a quote. Pricing of fully assembled structures in based on location. The structures are shipped via a trucking agency on a flat bed truck. At the discretion of the driver you may mark the location on your property where the structure can be off loaded. A clear and open access is required for the delivery truck to drop off the structure from the loaded trailer. Low hanging branches (under 12ft) must be trimmed for clear access. 

While damage during transport is a unlikely occurrence, it can still happen. If you come across any damage, please contact us directly and take pictures of the damaged items. We will replace the affected part for no charge. We kindly request that you make a note of any damaged parts on your Bills of Lading before signing for the delivered product. 


Most people can put together our gazebo kit in one day with two people. If you don’t feel confident with assembling the kit, please hire a local contractor. Larger kits over 18 feet usually takes 2 days to assemble with 3-4 people. Kits this size are generally installed by a local handyman or general contractor.  All of our kits come with step-by-step assembly instructions.



Structures that require high winds loads can be anchored to the foundation. They can be anchored using our provided post brackets which connect to the foundation with anchor bolts. For structures that require over 90 MPH winds, we can provide an upgraded “hurricane package”. These structures will require engineered drawings. Please contact us directly for more information.

General Questions

Please refer to our Preservation and Maintenance page for more information. 

Please refer to our Preservation and Maintenance page for more information.

Yes! We include a 20 year Limited warranty. Please refer to our Warranty page for more information. 

We accept credit cards / debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Stripe, PayPal and Apple Pay. We also accept Check by Mail which can be found at the checkout. 

For large structures, such as gazebos, pergolas and pavilions you have the option of depositing 30-50% of the total upon your order, and paying the balance before we ship the product. Orders will not ship until FULL payment is made. Once your order is placed, orders cannot be cancelled. Please Contact Us via email to set up the deposit payment. 

Gazebo Joe’s is has been committed to making quality products last for generations to come. We have been manufacturing our products since 1984 and are very passionate to say 100% of our products are made in the USA. We appreciate your consideration to partner with us for your next outdoor furniture purchase.